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“My health journey began in November 2020. I had been thinking about a healthier lifestyle for several years and wanted to feel more energetic, stronger, and fitter. My brother had passed away last year after a fight with colon cancer and I had remembered talking to David about concerns about my own health and what I could do differently. David is a great listener with great advice and I think that’s when the seed in my brain started to grow. Over the past couple of years I, like many others, had started and stopped making healthier food choices and exercising but it was like a yo-yo up and down, ...: up and down never able to sustain any success. Into Thrive’s Program of Mindset, Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle provided the encouragement to do something different because obviously what I was doing on my own wasn’t working or sticking. Karen’s Culinary Nutrition knowledge helped me make better choices and her meal plans are easy to use, time-efficient and so delicious!!! All of the Into Thrive components combined have helped me lose over 15 pounds and improve my overall fitness in less than 3 months. It takes no effort to live this way. I feel better in my clothes, more energetic and on a really good path, I am able to sustain with the help of the Into Thrive Mentors that keeps on going! Having reached my goal in such a short time, I am excited to chart new goals for the rest of 2021 and I feel confident that with their continued support I will reach them easily.”

- S.B.

“I lost 30 pounds with Metabolic Reset! But it wasn’t the weight loss that really impressed me. It was the educational component that taught me to be successful after the program ends!”

- Scott D.

"My wife and I have been a part of this fantastic program for about 3 months and we have NEVER felt better!

The four pillar system is incredible for accountability.

Meal plans – receiving weekly menus and recipes not only makes it simple but also fun. We invested a little time and reorganized our kitchen. This is the first time in years that we purchase and use multiple spices. Learning how to use them and understand the health benefits is an added bonus. Cooking has now become a fun time for us and we enjoy the “family time” we spend in the kitchen.

Nutrition Advice – Karen is always available to answer any questions regarding food and spices. Any requests we have had for types of meals were always completed.

Accountability – weekly meetings with the Mentors help with the mental aspect of wellness. Meditation, regular check-ins, asking probing questions make one realize past actions may have been the reason why we are in our current state. Visualization to a better lifestyle is achievable.

Overall, this has been by far the BEST choice we have ever made towards physical and mental wellness.

Personally, being a type 2 diabetic, it is my goal to eliminate the need for medications. With no effort other than having fun cooking and eating the meal plan, we have watched my weight change from 188lbs to 171lbs with no effort. The best part is that we never feel hungry and eat all the time. Glucose levels are controlled and much lower. Consistently lower than any other time since being diagnosed.

The best time to start a healthy lifestyle was 20 years ago. The second-best time is NOW. Into Thrive Delivers!"

- Marc

“My life has changed… I’ve lost inches, I’ve lost weight, I feel better, my eyes are brighter, I sleep better. Not only that it’s taught me how to eat properly. I’ve lost 15 pounds and maintained it for 3 months. My clothes fit me better and I have so much more energy. I love this program and will recommend it to anyone who will listen to me.”

- Elaine D.

“I am 60 years old with no desire to retire. I realized it was about time to take control of my health to ensure my desire to remain healthy enough to work into “old age” was realistic. And then, as synchronicity would have it, I met Karen Crosmas, of Intro Thrive. Her whole food, plant-based Nutritional Culinary Expertise and meal planning are exceptional. Not only do I not miss having meat products and processed food, I don’t have any cravings! The food is quite frankly, shockingly DELICIOUS. I’m learning a great deal about herbs and spices, to make food more appealing and satisfying. I cannot wait to see what comes next. And then I met, David Galloway, Mind-Set Coach Extraordinaire. Using positive strategies and hypnosis to break the old lingering “stories” in my subconscious (and we all have them, self-awareness or not). He is motivating me to make the changes necessary and be my best self. And last but not least, the motion component. Please don’t make me move after years of neglect of movement. The inspiration and guidance are just what I needed. All the right parts for my body, my mind, and my soul. How great is that! I am engaged in ‘motion’ every day and loving it! I am feeling stronger and happier than in years, just moving a bit each day.As a diabetic, my fasting blood sugar has not been below 7 since I was diagnosed (several years ago) and now it is consistently under 6. I have also dropped almost 5 pounds in only two weeks and yet I am eating more food than I ever have without worrying about calories.As Karen said to me, this four pillar program (nutrition, meal planning, mindset and motion) is an investment in MY health and well-being. And, I am learning from this Intro Thrive team, that I am worth it. And, I’m going to rock this, with their support, of what I could not (and did not) achieve on my own. Thank you to my Executive Care Team.”

- Wendy

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