"It is more important to know the

person who has the condition

than it is to know what condition

the person has."

– Hippocrates

Redefining Therapy: How Imaginative Empowerment Transforms the Journey of Anxiety

You are the solution to your anxiety ...more


December 02, 20232 min read

Redefining Therapy: How Imaginative Empowerment Transforms the Journey of Anxiety

Unlock the Power of Your Mind

Anxiety can be a debilitating force in our lives, affecting our personal relationships, work, and overall well-being. In a world that moves at a breakneck pace, it's essential to find healthy and effe... ...more


April 21, 20232 min read

Unlock the Power of Your Mind

The Struggle Is Real

Struggling with anxiety and finding it overwhelming and challenging to manage? With so many strategies and techniques available, it can be difficult to know where to start. ...more


February 21, 20234 min read

The Struggle Is Real

Easier Than You Think

With type 2 diabetes, you know that managing this condition can be a challenge. You may feel overwhelmed by the number of treatment options available, or unsure about what approach is best for you. ...more


February 09, 20233 min read

Easier Than You Think

Practical Guide to Health

Orthomolecular nutrition is a more natural way of helping your body take care of you and promote your health from within. ...more


January 23, 20232 min read

Practical Guide to Health

Meet the Founders

Karen Crosmas

David Galloway

Meet Karen Crosmas

I have been in the health and wellness field for over 15 years. I began in the Physical Fitness field and transitioned into the Nutrition and Culinary field. I specialize in Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition coupled with Functional Nutrition to give you the best guidance to fueling you to optimal health. Equal parts SCIENCE and equal parts PASSION.

  • Loves to laugh and make others laugh

  • Believes our pets touch our heart and soul in the best way

  • Love that plant based eating is gaining ground on the "old" way of eating

  • Favorite Shows - Ted Lasso and The After Life

Meet David Galloway

My sole purpose is to help people align their subconscious “programming” with their own definition of success so they can live even happier and healthier lives!

  • Believes the mind opens with a smile

  • Those with the ability, have a responsibility

  • Everyday is a school day

  • The key to your change, is your imagination

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