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Culinary Nutrition Expert Program with The Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Why We Love It

This is the amazing program that opened me up to the realization of the food we choose to eat is our most important decision we make everyday. So why not learn about the best and worst foods along with the profit making marketing that we are subject to daily to encourage us to make unhealthy choices.

The Latest Nutrition Related Topics

Why We Love It

We are big fans of and Michael Gregor, M.D., FACLM. The information that is provided is eye opening, evidenced based and backed with references. makes understanding complex information easy and memorable. A great source for amazing health guidance. If you want to make time in the kitchen easier and more fun, this is the program for you to open those cupboard doors.

The Art of Soulful Enrollment with Carmen Marshall

Why We Love It

We had the opportunity of meeting Carmen Marshall a couple times in person. She is incredibly down to earth and incredibly business minded for success. The best part...she wants you to reach your goals and be successful too. She has created multiple companies and with that knowledge can show you the steps to get to your success. Working with Carmen was one of our best decisions to grow our business.

SelfCare U

Why We Love It

Scott Dickson is a man with a vision to help others. He is a successful motivational speaker who brings passion, positivity, opportunity and wants to help others see success. Scott brings amazing real life stories to the The SelfCare U Podcast. Life happens and we have the option to deal with them...why not choose a way that can truly be a Level Up situation. We are grateful for our connection with Scott and the SelfCare U Podcast.

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